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National Institute for Learning Development (NILD)


Foundation Academy offers the National Institute of Learning Development (NILD) Discovery Program of Educational Therapy. Specifically trained and qualified therapists provide learning assessments and individualized, intensive, mediated learning experiences to the students. Direct intervention and the resulting competence and confidence allows the students to gain the skills needed to become independent learners for a lifetime. NILD Educational Therapy is a direct, language-based intervention for students with learning challenges. The TEACH Program is offered to kindergarten and first grade students and the Discovery Program is for students in second through twelfth grade.


NILD Program


Dr. Akins Testing Forms 


Features of NILD Educational Therapy 

  • One on one
  • Non-tutorial
  • Non-Compensatory
  • 80 minutes twice weekly
  • 26 techniques tailored to the learner
  • 3 year commitment
  • Parental involvement
  • Strategic approach to learning


Benefits of NILD Educational Therapy 

  • Individualized attention
  • Independent learning
  • Overcoming cognitive deficits
  • Long term change
  • Improved social relationships
  • Improved self image
  • Development of responsibility


Small Group Instruction (SGI) Classroom 

Because it is the goal of Foundation Academy to assist each 6th and 7th grade student to experience a competent and confident transition from elementary school into middle school, a Small Group Instruction (SGI) classroom is a selective class option for student development. The SGI classroom option is offered to any student who learns best in a smaller setting with greater individualized instruction. The SGI classroom provides specific organizational structure, classroom management strategies and assists students to gain confidence and competence. The design of the SGI classroom provides instruction in 2 to 4 core subjects in a smaller classroom setting (12 students maximum).  This offers continuity for academic expectations and leads to a greater independence each year.


Benefits of SGI:

1. Smaller teacher-student ratio 1/12 maximum
2. Greater organizational structure
3. Improved classroom management plan
4. Enhanced teacher/parent communication
5. Increased variety/flexibility of teaching methods
6. Time
7. Social Connectedness
8. Building of self-confidence and self-responsibility


Transition to Regular Classroom: 

  • SGI Teacher Recommendation
  • Assessment/Re-evaluation
  • Administrative Review


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